Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

While you learn more about our Business consultancy services and the way we strive to drive transformation in organizations associated with us, we believe that you will perceive why Skyler will fulfil your expectations and contribute to your growth story.

Audit & Assurance
Skyler designs audits and examines to provide a value-added perspective to enhance financial management, operations, and accountability. It’s a powerful lens for illuminating the current state of an enterprise, providing insight that can enlighten future aspirations.

Business Risk Advisory
Skyler helps business to identify unexplored potential and opportunities by mitigating business risks. helping clients through services that enable management to assess, manage and evaluate potential risks that could undermine competitive position and jeopardize brand or reputation.

Compliance & Regulations
Having a strong compliance environment and adequate oversight controls are vital elements in ensuring that companies are able to respond appropriately to technological abuse or failures. Skyler establish an inclusive, comprehensive framework to implement more advanced controls for detecting non-compliance.

Financial Advisory
Define an internal control framework to lay down the procedures and create business value to minimize financial risks. Skyler insights helps an organization to mitigate risks involved in the marketplace and accelerate performance..

Fraud & Forensic
Skyler reveals essential facts and provides comprehensive insights, analysis and figures relating to financial & operational frauds. It brings a high level of technical prowess to work, applying detailed understanding and collecting evidence throughout investigation, opinions & testimony.

Business Process Re-engineering
Skyler develops best practices, policies and procedures as per the requirement of the business to satisfy accounting, auditing, financial reporting and internal control checks of an organization to help streamline its day-to-day operations.

Data Analytics & Automation
Process automation is the technology-enabled automation of activities or services that accomplish a specific function or workflow. Skyler uses technology at every turn to enhance data analysis, workflow, and information sharing to create a domino effect for our clients.

Taxation Advisory
Skyler Tax advisory services caters across individual and corporate taxation matters, having a domain expertise across business tax, indirect tax, international tax, transaction tax, and other tax-related issues, we can design strategies and executions to ensure timely compliance and accountability of tax related matters

Information Technology
Information technology is an integral part of every organization and creates true business value. At Skyler, our professionals work with clients to minimize enterprise risk by ensuring proper security and enhancement of their valuable systems.

Government & Public Sector
Having expertise in providing technical & managerial solutions for designing policies, process reforms, project management, contract management etc, Skyler provides wide range of services by assisting in collaborations, building strategies by conducting research and designing plans and providing support for implementing projects.

Customer Experience
Skyler leverages their clients with niche experience of market study and customer needs. Customer Experience helps businesses to identify unexplored potential and business opportunities that focus on reducing churn, being competitive, price benchmarking and increase revenue numbers that enhance visibility and brand positioning in the market.

Assets Verification
It’s certain that most organizations encounter significant challenges related to asset tracking location, quantity, condition and the depreciation status of their fixed assets. Skyler overcome all these ambivalent processes, through, simple, and automated solution for physical inventory and reconciliation, by centralizing and automating data entry and recording.

Deals Advisory (M&A)
Skyler play an integral role in partnering with client and associates vis a vis lawyers, tax advisors and bankers to provide services from inception to closure of deal. We support with services like Target Search, DD, M&A, etc across range of dimensions, including commercials, technology state, financials, and the leadership.

Digital Services
Skyler have in-depth understanding and expertise in every facet of digital platform, from strategy and organizational design to customer impact and scalable execution. Our approach on digital services advisory or audit assignments in holistic, contextual and social engagements is helping organizations to achieve truly transformative results.

Intellectual Property Advisory
The challenge is for organizations to understand the value of their intangible assets for the purpose of potential business growth opportunities. Skyler helps in partnering Intellectual Property (IP) to generate income through licensing, sale, commercialization of IP-protected products or services.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Skyler conducts assessment of your organizations performance on social responsibility objectives. We assist our clients with desired information and consulting services that enables to pilot social awareness, environmental and governance controls and enhance social responsibility importance with operational objectives.

Dispute Resolution
In spite of the best efforts of all business participants, few projects encounter unexpected conditions or events which lead to claims and disputes. Skyler finds equitable solutions to the most untraceable issues which require resolution. we work to find negotiated settlements based on establish facts, risk assessment and closure with corrective actions.

Skyler Bespoke
We help organizations to identify, prioritize and strategies their prospects in improving business maturity. Skyler offers gamut of niche in-house services in the form knowledge management across various industries and verticals. we understand and appreciate the importance of unexplored potential and opportunities…